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June 12th Monthly Meeting

Everyone Welcome!!! Wednesday, June 12th, 2019 at 6:30pm at American Legion Post 101, Lowell

  • Main Topic: 
  • What's in bloom?
  • Honey Do List:
  • Speaker TBA
  • Follow up on new hive progress
  • Beekeeeping Vocabulary
  • Mentor Group Meetings
  • 6:30p-8:30p
  • Join our Facebook page for details


at American Legion Post 101, Lowell

108 1/2 Commercial, Lowell, Indiana

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Illiana Beekeepers Alliance Benefits & Resources

Meeting Dates for 2019


Meeting are held the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm, at the American Legion in Lowell, IN

Click Here for all Scheduled Meeting Dates

Partners in Beekeeping Program


Our Partners in Beekeeping program offers experienced local Mentors you can team up with to build confidence and skill in your beekeeping techniques and hive management.

Find a local Mentor

Beekeeping Mentor's Exam


Want to become a Mentor?  Take our exam and see if you've got what it takes!  We want skilled teachers and that might be you!

Take the Basic Exam here

Bringing the Families Together


Enjoy networking and socializing with other beekeeper families in the area at our Annual Picnic and other events.

Join a Breakout Group in Your Area


Bee Buddy:  During each meeting we break into small groups to match up people by areas and skills to share experience and exchange ideas.

Beekeepers Field Days


Throughout the season, we have timely & informative hands on programs where you can get real-world experience at an actual Apiary brought to you by trained professionals.

Field Days Schedule

Use the clubs Honey Extractor


Call to schedule the club honey extractor in time for your fall harvest.

Join the Illiana Beekeepers Alliance FB Group


Join our Illiana Beekeepers Alliance Facebook group AND page to ask questions and share your beekeeping experiences!

Click here for our FB group

Swarm Removal & Rescue List


Did you see a swarm of bees that needs removed or rescued?  This is a list of members that independently offer that service to the community.

Report a Swarm Here

Local Honey For Sale


Genuine Local Honey for Sale.  These Beekeepers agree to sell only honey locally produced exclusively in their Apiaries.  No blending of other honey is accepted.   This is REAL & LOCAL honey!

Find REAL Honey near you

The "How to? & Where from?"


The Doorway to learning.  Beekeeping related links where you can find and learn just about anything.

Education & Supplies

Recipes of the Illiana Beekeepers Alliance Members


Find a honey recipe or post your secret recipes here for all to share

Honey Recipes

learn what's in bloom


We use technology & Science to become better beekeepers.  Stay connected. 

Get the Bloomin' facts

IBA Lending Library


We have a lending library of Beekeeping & related topics.  Club members get access with a $25. refundable deposit.

Field Training at Apiary Days


Enjoy teaching and/or learning with others at our Field Day Events.  Applied Education is the foundation of the clubs purpose.  Learn to become a better steward of you bees.

Honey Do List:


At each meeting, we pass out a list of things you should be doing in your hive.  It gives good solid direction to becoming a better beekeeper




Member Pictures


Please submit you pictures so we can add them to our member pictures page

Join the Illiana Beekeepers Alliance



Join the Illiana Beekeepers Alliance



Join the Illiana Beekeepers Alliance



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108 1/2 E Commercial Ave, Lowell, IN 46356