Rusty Patched Bumble Bee Project


Extinction. Together we can stop it.

As native pollinators suffer huge declines from a lack of habitat and abundance of pesticides, we must take action before it is too late. 

From the FWS page: " The rusty patched bumble bee has declined by 87 percent in the last 20 years. The species is likely to be present in only 0.1% of its historical range. There are many potential reasons for the rusty patched bumble bee decline including habitat loss, intensive farming, disease, pesticide use and climate change. With the odds seemingly stacked against the rusty patched bumble bee, there is a role for everyone in conserving this beneficial pollinator. Your actions will also help a host of bees, butterflies and birds that share resources with the rusty patched bumble bee. "

What can I do?

The Illiana Beekeepers Alliance in conjunction with other organizations is developing a program to confirm identification of RPBB's and document their location to be shared with relevant conservation groups and government organizations.  Here is how you can help!!!!  We need volunteers t observe feeeding stations, take pictures, gather GPS coordinates, and take field notes.   

Get Connected!

You can drop a message at the link below if you would like to be a part of a grass roots movement to save a native pollinator.  Put RPBB in the headline or message body and we will get you on our email list so you will know when and where the field research is happening.

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