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Lake County, IN

Allan Hopper 219-712-3268

Newton County, IN

Jerry Gordon 219-242-3100

Jasper, Pulaski, & Porter County, IN

Southern Porter County

Greg Breitzke 219-508-0770

Cook & Will County, IL

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Kankakee & Iroquois County, IL

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Other Surrounding Counties

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IBA Mentor Program & YOU!

Some days you're the mentor, and some days you're the student.  No single person is an expert in everything beekeeping so we pool our knowledge to strengthen our beekeeping skills.  The Mentors are experienced and tested to have varying levels of skills in Bee Husbandry.  The IBA group of Mentors work together to educate and promote good beekeeping practices and to groom future  mentors.  This link is to the IBA Mentor Program Facebook Group.  You must chose a Mentor or be a Mentor to participate in this group.  You will be prompted for your Mentors name when you ask to join the group.

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