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Bee Clubs


There are many bee club ready for those who can educate and those who are eager to learn.  Step out of your usual routine and visit other club bring back great ideas to your club!

List of other clubs

Bees & Supplies

Indiana honey  bees for sale  Bee Hives for sale Resources and supplies

Need bees?  Need a hive?  You can find them here!  There are a lot of suppliers that sell hives.  If you need help selecting the right one, ask a Mentor.  They will be glad to help you select, assemble, and install bees!

Bees & Supplies

Bee Journals & Print


Hungary for knowledge?  There are my magazine and journals that provide great scientific and practical information for beekeepers of every level of experience.

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FAQs & where do I start?


This is a continually evolving list of questions......but by all means, feel free to ask a mentor for any clarification!

Read the FAQ's and ask yours here